Restoration Towards Sustainable Green Heritage Buildings, Case Study: Mansoura Opera House, Mansoura, Egypt

  • Mohamed M. Shawky Abou Leila
  • Mai Madkour


Egypt is considered as one of the most important countries that contain many valuable heritage buildings. Most of these buildings suffer from neglect, deterioration, lack of investment and maintenance.  That reflected itself on the deterioration of building`s architectural situation. These buildings lost their cultural, economic, and social significance over time.  This needs the intervention of research to find solutions for restoration of buildings of historical value that enable their reuse in the appropriate context. Green architecture is a widespread trend in the last two decades. Principles of green buildings have to be considered when restoring historically valuable buildings in order to achieve sustainable green heritage areas. This research aims to accomplish heritage building’s complete sustainability through the incorporation of green architecture principles into the process of restoration of historically valuable buildings. This can, of course, means meeting the needs of new generations without risking the loss of heritage buildings` value.