Mathematical Physics rules in Interior Architecture.

Applied physics of light in Interior Architecture

  • Iman Youssef Ali Ahmed Kassab
Keywords: Light properties, Mathematical physics, position on spaceexperiment


The modulation characteristics with physics of light on the raw material
by(Reflection-Refraction Absorption -Interference Diffraction Penetration -
Dispersion - Scattering -polarization) as a design ideology Fine based on the
foundations of physics by controlling the light through raw material as a new way
of thinking will be such a guideline rule toimagine. Even concept thinking by
exploit the determinants of the space receptors for example, reflectors and welldesigned
void module on objectsand also Refractors to be the mean of usein
inexpensive economically way while approaching to well-designed interior spaces
in low cost design but in sophisticated outcomes this is the aim of the
Light properties prove that, - shadow and color-both of them as a result impact
from interaction of light on material and also - six types of colors classification
with thesame result as previous so that aspects of the research study solving the
problem of how to use physics mathematical equations oncontrolling light
behavior in interior space to create many Applied creativity examples with light
properties results as mentioned before, whilethe methodology of the research
goes to explain applied Techniques with equations of physics of light by
achieving, which one will be able in use in positive or passive way .Research also
had been provided by an experiment of one space defining the main purpose of
use by only light and shadow position as a combination of penetration of light
property as one space with different function in use .Recommendation of the
research studying light properties in future on manufactured Metamaterial
andtheir impact in interior architecture.


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