Methodology for Architectural Design Towards Healthy Architectural Design & Free From Diseases

  • اسماعيل أحمد عامر
  • أحمد علي جابر


Buildings like creatures are ill with diseases that may affect it at one stage of his life cycle and have symptoms that appear on it and lead to weakness and shortage in its functional performance in the occupancy stage, which is the most important stage in building life cycle, the demolition of the building may be one results of this shortage, so this research provides a study on diseases which affects the architectural design, and then reflected on buildings and that through the interpretation and explanation of the relationship between the building life cycle of the building and the types of design diseases, and explaining  when the disease attacks the building and when the effects of design disease appear on the building either in its design stages or after the establishment and entry into occupancy stage of his age, and how to reaches a healthy buildings free of design diseases. Presenting the design process steps in order to explain how to reach architectural creativity. By selecting a sample of housing Villas in the new cities and by describing and documenting them the research can emphasis the correction of the suggested methodology depending on applying the check list on the selected models.