Creative Application for Researcher to Relief Printmaking with a Vertical Press by Mechanical and Hydraulic Compressions

  • شريف شكري
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Creative experiments to support the educational quality and efficiency to ease the relief point procedures for printmaking students at the Universities of Egypt.



Considering the research by trying to provide particular and priceless solutions to provide the
efficient education by Egyptian Universities and to ease the relief printmaking procedures
particularly the printing stage and literally through compression printing operation to the relief
painting molds whether it was metallic printmaking molds,plastics or linoleum. In addition of
research applying on experiments specially to support the efficient education and ease relief
printing procedure for artistic students in Egyptian Universities.The research is based on provision
of machines and creative preparations are designed and prepared in specially from College of Fine
Art students and typical education and expertise’s in the printmaking field additionally for
printmaking arts who suffer from printing procedures specially through compressing procedures
and the frequently rubbing operation manually, especially when the dimensional printing molds are
considerable and when the artist is desired to print on papers with considerable thickness.The
research concludes creative ideas as the researcher has implemented improved and experimented it
by himself designing and implements creative designed printmaking machines which is working in
horizontal moving methods, furthermore, it suitor with relief printing procedures printing without
ink printing calligraph mold and with Mono print. Therefore using it with handmade papers
preparations and the repeated manufacturing. The artist and the students can use these machines
during the printing process, especially the stage of the printing press and control the required
pressure strength and the density of printed papers, which allows to obtain the levels and highlights
on the surface of the printed paper according to the degree of pressure used, and the result of the
outstanding results, Dry due to printing using very thin layers of ink due to the pressure strength
used, which can’t be obtained by manual hand pressure or horizontal pressure presses with pressure