Creative Application & Study Research for Setting up Laboratory Identity for Textile and Silkscreen Printmaking by Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University

  • شريف محمد شكري مدرس قسم التصميمات المطبوعة، كلية الفنون الجميلة، جامعة الاسكندرية.
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Study research for setting up laboratory identity for textile and silkscreen


The research includes applied search with a feasible fund for equipment major machines and sectional
for the serigraphic printing laboratories to silkscreen printmaking. Therefore the composed primal
unit administration organized for printing laboratory to enrich the classical old-fashioned laboratories
by the artistry colleges at Egypt by is supported with modernized technical and advanced properties
which are capable from the particular academicals development ride. As a result, it supports the
material NE sources through operating those laboratories, by benefit basically practically and
physically in favor of student’s practicing for preparing to their careers. Particularly that, Minor
specialization form a scientific section of artist-specific applied collages include expertise labs to silkscreen
printmaking, despite incomplete repairing for ten years, and non-functional antiquated
equipment which they are mostly unqualified to practice on, and dissatisfying for advanced printing
operation. Therefore, the capability of qualifying the labs in the approval of employing it as internal
resources for the scientific section with its old equipment doesn’t modify with the recent evolution and
the expansion of the students' numbers. The researcher make with the detailed studying of all the
printing units, the main and secondary instruments, the scientific names, their prices, the feasibility
study, their academic and material importance, the return of them, the procedures of their operation,
the training of the workers, the allocation of independent units within them, The researcher also deals
with some of the printing equipment and auxiliary equipment for the internal printing units of the
laboratory, which he designed and implemented himself to meet the need due to the high price of
imported equipment. The research is also concerned with the potential priority of the unit operating
axes and the potential benefit of its operation in the unit's training tasks, and the possibility of offering
comprehensive or fragmented training courses to teach the art techniques of textile printing. The
study also provides a professional certificate in the field of graphic design for textile printing. This
can give a professional certificate in the field of graphic design to print the version. And be used to
reproduce typographic techniques for indirect printing techniques such as Sublimation printing and
Tampo machines, as well as thermal transfer media with five colors CMYK laser machines. The
porosity is hosted by the college, which benefits scientific, technical and material.