Terms of the sustainable university between strategy and application in Egypt

  • Marwa Abdel-Hady Lecturer - Department of Architectural Engineering - Faculty of Engineering - Mansoura University
Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainability Strategy, Sustainable University Terms


Egypt reaches progress through human energy and its re-formation scientifically, culturally
and intellectually in accordance with the requirements and changes of the times. The research
aims at introducing the sustainability strategy as a concept and method of positive design
between the building and its environment and between the building and the society. This is done
from an architectural perspective that works to include the view of the educational environment
and its effective role in achieving the philosophy of sustainability With all its sustainable and
efficient sites for energy, water efficiency, indoor air quality, materials and waste management
that provide students with a sustainable Terms that meets their needs without compromising
the right of future generations with positive impact on personal formation, where research aims
to achieve sustainability and learning strategy through the architectural designs of the Terms
of sustainable educational environment and not being sustainable by. Hence, the research is
based on a descriptive and analytical approach, in which the educational environment in some
universities and the sustainability strategy are monitored through their three dimensions
(environmental, economic and social) and integrated into the student's daily journey to achieve
sustainability to become a way of life before and after graduation.


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