Creativity and Knowledge in Architectural Design StudioIntegrated practices

  • Sahar RIZK Bani Sueif Uni ver sity, F acu lty o f Engi nee ring , A rch ite ctur al E ngi neer ing De par tme nt
Keywords: knowledge and Architectural creativity,Design studio,Creativity obslacles


The design studio plays an important role in the students' architectural life and influences
creativity. One of the most important problems of architectural education is student's
inability to the to convert theoretical knowledge into design or practice. Not all of who
possesses knowledge , can transform it into practice and creativity. The lack of the required
knowledge to student in a timely manner and access to adequate training are two fundamental
reasons impeding the architectural innovation of the student. This paper focused on
analyzing and exploring the role of knowledge in instilling and developing creativity within
architectural design studios as a key element in architectural education. It answered the
question of the research problem: "How can the program provide knowledge in a way that
helps the student to convert theoretical knowledge to practice and creativity in the
architectural design studio? Based on two scientific approaches, the inductive and systems
analysis methodology and using the latest research in international research databases. The
importance of this research paper lies in its contribution to solving the problems of
architectural education. The research concludes a set of practical and realistic results. It
succeeded in providing a vision and an integrated framework on the factors of knowledge
delivery affecting the transfer of knowledge to practice and creativity, policies and procedures
of the educational program in support of the conversion of theoretical knowledge presented to
the student to practice and creativity, practices that must be taken into account by the studio
professor to support the development Motivation, learning ability and creativity. The
research recommended planning to implement its results through the development of policies,
procedures and practices of both of educational program and the professor of architectural
design. It also recommended further studies to reveal the reality of the implementation of the
results of the research in the architectural design studio in the architectural education
programs in Egypt


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