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It is also&nbsp;&nbsp; an attempt to find indicators of internal spaces that have a clear and distinctive mental image easy to retrieve by exploring the main procedure for designing these spaces.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Zaynab ABD ELHAKEEM Copyright (c) 2020 Alexandria University 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 8 1 1 14 Revolutionary Variable by the Egyptian Renaissance During the Nineteenth Century in the Eyes of Orientalist Artists <p>The research handles ( the revolution variable ) ant the following stages of establishing the Egyptian<br>renaissance ‘s basis through the paintings of the oriental artists , starting with the French Campaign of<br>military nature , greedy goals and different cultural currents . The next stage is when Mohammed Ali<br>(Basha) took over the reign of the great country , establishing with which his contemporary modern<br>country through constructing elegant edifices . As for the (khedive) Ismail , he inaugurated Suez Channel<br>Project with epic festival , due which international consequences occurred ended with the British<br>Occupation of Egypt . Such occupation was faced with ( Oraby ) Revolution which exploded the voices<br>of dignity in the hearts of the genuine collective people . The intellectual elites sought through the<br>revolution to create the identity of the country which was crystallized few years later .<br>Paintings of oriental artists have recorded the revolutionary variable in modern Egyptian renaissance<br>through their clear manifestations of event Western artists’ brush excelled in characterizing its vital<br>dramatic moments and expressing the pivotal characters appeared during the culture awakening of the<br>great nation , heritage of which has affected different cultural currents through the ages without burying<br>the identity rooted in the conscious of the collective generations . The research handles the artistic reading<br>of samples , paintings attached to explain each stage .</p> Raoya Osama Mustafa El – Shafee Copyright (c) 2020 Alexandria University 2020-06-30 2020-06-30 8 1 15 26